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Hyun Seung reveals a little on BEAST’s upcoming comeback in PLAYDB Interview.


“BEAST’s new album release and ‘s opening is approaching.”

Hyun Seung:

“I’ve been busy. Because I’m preparing for two things at one time, it can be quite tiring. BEAST’s album will come out sometime in mid-July, but according to the situation, it might also come out slightly earlier. At the latest, it might be sometime at the beginning of August.”

Source; PLAYDB
[ BEAST Jang Hyun Seung’s Interview, He Who Seized The Title Role of ]
Translated by ; DUYONG2ST@B2STSG


Jadi B2UTY, yang sabar ya…. bentar lagi B2ST comeback kok…. Jadi g’ sabar kan… Admin juga. Jadi pingin cepet2 bulan Juli deh…